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4 Winter Heating Tips for Efficiency and Comfort in Summerlin, NV

In Summerlin, NV, energy consumption spikes in winter. With shorter days and colder weather, people spend more time indoors. Rather than idly accepting higher energy bills, try these four tips that could help you boost comfort and efficiency this winter:

Locate Leaks and Seal Them

Houses separate people from the elements, but all homes have leaks. Windows and doors are common culprits for developing unwanted air leaks.

Light an incense stick or candle and carefully wave it around the edges of windows and doors. This will help you visualize air leaks. Try sealing openings with weather strips or caulk to reduce energy consumption.

Don’t Waste Heat From the Sun

Although it’s often neglected as a viable heat source, the sun’s energy is a powerful home heating tool. While curtains can help you conserve energy, they also block out sunlight.

Always remember to open your curtains after the sun rises to let in light. Close them at dusk to reap their airflow-blocking benefits.

Have Your Heating System Maintained

Heaters work hard to keep your family warm in winter. With year-round exposure to the elements, heaters withstand tons of wear and tear that can shorten their expected 10-year lifespan. Routine maintenance is essential to protect your heater.

HVAC service specialists can keep your heater in tip-top shape this winter. They will identify frayed wires, find corroded electrical fittings and remove unwanted particle buildups. Collectively, these measures will keep your heater healthy.

Avoid Blocking Heat Flow

A cost-free way to conserve energy this winter is rearranging your home’s contents to boost airflow. Keep grilles and air registers clear of furniture and other objects. Try to keep furnishings positioned against walls as much as possible.

Call us at Johnny On The Spot to get reliable heating maintenance services in Summerlin, NV. Let us help you save energy this winter with a full-service heater tuneup.

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