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Kitchen Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV

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Nothing brings a holiday together like a wonderful meal cooked in a warm, family kitchen. The kitchen represents the hearth of your Las Vegas, NV home and it should work perfectly when you use it. It’s time to deal with your kitchen plumbing issues head on with the most reliable and friendly plumbers in the area.

Johnny On the Spot has been Vegas’s premier home services provider since 2011. We offer a powerful maintenance club, quality craftsmanship, and promotions that can help you save money on your plumbing services. Whether you need a new kitchen installation or a sink repair, you can count on us!

When your plumbing isn’t looking so hot, it’s time to get Johnny On The Spot!


Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen plumbing services can come in all shapes and sizes. Our concerns are yours. We want to ensure that you get the sink of your dreams by helping you choose a model, size, and style of appliance that fits your home aesthetic and efficiency in Las Vegas, NV.

Kitchen Plumbing Installation

Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling our team for a kitchen plumbing installation. We can set you up with a new sink or faucet, help you set up a kitchen drain, and even give you pointers on how to more efficiently operate your new dishwasher once it’s installed. Trust our team for a job well done.

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance

Did you know that we offer a comprehensive kitchen plumbing maintenance program? This is designed to keep your plumbing appliances working smoothly and without a hitch.

Kitchen Plumbing Repair

If you notice leaks or poor temperature control, it might be time for a faucet repair. Our kitchen plumbing repair services target issues and alleviate them at their source, whether it’s a sink repair or an issue with your drain. We can be there to help.

Kitchen Plumbing Replacement

Repairs are only half of the job–eventually, you’ll need a kitchen plumbing replacement in Las Vegas, NV. Our team provides quick and effective sink and faucet replacements that can get your kitchen up and running in no time.

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