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Are Pets Suffering While Inhaling Indoor Air Pollution?

Much like their human owners in Anthem, NV, poor indoor air has a negative impact on your pets. Our animals can suffer from human symptoms like allergies, irritated eyes and sinus problems. Let’s look at some of the common issues that tell how pets suffer while inhaling indoor air pollution.

Why and How They Suffer

As dogs and cats are smaller animals and spend more time indoors than you likely do, they’re susceptible to health problems produced by indoor air pollution. There are skin reactions, nausea, fatigue, headaches, colds and more. In severe cases, you might see organ damage, weakened immune systems and respiratory illnesses.

Cats are more likely to develop asthma. Dogs have shown everything from Alzheimer’s to canine malignant lymphoma. And since these animals have a greater sense of smell, it’s likely they have greater exposure to bad air.

Careful With Clearing the Air

Use diffusers and warmers that release oils with caution. Birds are particularly sensitive to these aromas. Cats have lower metabolic enzymes, and their livers are negatively impacted by tea tree oil.

What You Can Do

It’s as important to not smoke around pets as it is other humans. In fact, eliminate indoor smoking altogether. Nicotine residue gets in clothes, carpets, furniture and in the air.

Choose non-toxic cleaning products, vacuum often and keep areas ventilated. Humidifiers help balance humidity to improve indoor air quality.

The best way to protect pets is with a high efficiency HVAC system. These devices manage climate and reduce air contaminants. As a result, they can improve comfort and IAQ.

Johnny On The Spot is a leading HVAC company that offers the heating and air conditioning service you need. Call us to improve your indoor air quality and to protect your pets and family members. We’ll make sure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible throughout the year.

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