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Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

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Clogged drains can be a huge nuisance for homeowners in Las Vegas, NV. From slow drains that ruin your day and cause plumbing system or water inefficiency, to stubborn clogs that back up your sink or shower, these issues can take many shapes and sizes. Johnny On the Spot is your solution!

That’s right, when your drains and plumbing fixtures aren’t doing so hot, it’s time to call Johnny on the Spot! Our licensed master plumbers are exceptionally good at removing drain clogs with high-tech, 21st-century solutions. Our mastery of the hydro-jetter and plunger will save you time and remove the stress from the situation.

Schedule a drain cleaning appointment with Johnny On the Spot in Las Vegas. When your plumbing system isn’t looking so hot, it’s time to call Johnny on the Spot!


Why You Might Need Drain Cleaning

For homeowners in Las Vegas, NV who might not have a clogged drain yet, we’d recommend investing in drain cleaning services. This is a routine service where we clean your drains to prevent clogs from occurring.

Remember: the best and most cost-effective way to deal with a clogged toilet or a drain clog is with prevention!

Why You Should Consider Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a powerful tool that can alleviate blocked drains very quickly, with only water! These systems use powerful high-pressured water nozzles connected to the end of an auger that gets lowered into your drain. The power of pressurized water is usually enough to destroy even the trickiest clogged drains, while leaving your pipes in good shape.

Our Other Drain Cleaning Solutions

A clogged toilet or a slow drain might not seem like a situation where you need to call a plumber. But in reality, these instances can get very stressful, very quickly. We’d recommend homeowners get familiar with plungers and drain snakes, but these kinds of solutions just don’t relieve the most stubborn clogs.

Our team has access to hydro jetting equipment as well as industrial-grade plungers and drain snakes that are designed to alleviate even the most difficult clogs and drain issues.

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