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AC Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

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At Johnny On the Spot, our expertise in air conditioning repair and maintenance provides you with ideal comfort in the most uncomfortable temperatures that we face in Las Vegas. When your AC goes down, we’re there as quickly as can be to restore your comfort before you know it.

Our licensed technicians are at your service seven days a week, ready to diagnose and repair your AC troubles. Let us be your go-to solution for air conditioning repair and annual maintenance, and much like your neighbors whose homes we service, you won't be disappointed.

When your air conditioning system isn't looking so hot, it’s time to get Johnny On The Spot.


AC Repair

Our air conditioning repair service encompasses our timely responses with our experienced, licensed technicians’ swift ability to diagnose and repair your air conditioner’s problems. Whether it’s a leaking refrigerant line or a failing compressor, we’ll find the quickest way to get you back to a comfortable spot with your AC.

AC Maintenance

Your AC needs some TLC from time to time, at least once a year (though in Las Vegas it could benefit from twice a year). When you take care of your air conditioner, it keeps you cool while being as efficient as possible. Allow us to tune up your AC so you know it’s always operating at peak performance, especially when you need it most.

Ductless AC Repair & Maintenance

Ductless air conditioners are easier to diagnose than central AC, and the repairs can often be a bit quicker. We’ll quickly find out what the problem is with your ductless air conditioner, promptly fix it, and help you maintain it with annual tune-ups so you can rely on it year-round.

Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

Heat pumps are powerful and versatile, but they can be finicky. We’ve seen every heat pump problem you can imagine, which is why we’re confident that we’ll be able to solve whatever your current heat pump issue is.

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