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Heating Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

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At Johnny On the Spot, we know there’s no worse feeling than turning on your heating system only to find that it doesn’t work at all. Instead of hitting the search results to find the “best heating repair near me,” you can call us to handle your heating repairs for you, every single time.

Beyond our heating repairs, we also offer maintenance that keeps your system running around the clock. You’ll be able to rest assured that your heater works at its peak performance so you’ll never be left in the cold again.

When your heating system isn't looking so hot, it’s time to get Johnny On The Spot.


Common Heating Repairs

Depending on which type of heater you have, you could run into repair problems such as a cracked heat exchanger in a furnace, leaking water from a boiler, or strange noises and insufficient power from a ductless heater. Thankfully, we’re here to diagnose and fix all of these problems and more.

The Importance of Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance is an annual tune-up of your heating system. This is important because it lowers energy costs throughout the year by keeping your system running at peak efficiency. It also reduces the number of total repairs you’ll endure throughout that system’s lifetime. Most of all, it ensures that your system lives for as long as possible while also meeting warranty standards that most furnace manufacturers have.

Furnace Repairs & Maintenance

Your furnace has a lot of working parts and needs proper maintenance every single year. When one of those parts gets in the way of the whole system working properly, we’ll handle the repairs and get it back up and running.

Boiler Repairs & Maintenance

Boilers require specific care and our trained technicians are up to the task. Whether your boiler stopped working or you need annual maintenance to prevent those disruptive problems from happening in the first place, we’re there for you.

Ductless heating Repairs & Maintenance

Ductless heaters are powerful and compact compared to central heaters, but they still need to be maintained to reduce repairs over time. When those inevitable repairs do pop up, we’ll be there to diagnose the issue and have it fixed quickly for you.

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