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Why is My Furnace in Las Vegas, NV, So Noisy ?

Furnaces aren’t entirely silent when operating. But they may produce unusual loud noises as an indication of problems. There are all kinds of reasons your furnace in Las Vegas, NV, could make loud noises. Here are four of them:

Damaged or Loose Blower Belt

Furnace belts may be loose and produce loud squealing sounds. Another cause of a squealing sound in your furnace is a dry shaft bearing. To solve such issues, a professional will lubricate all the moving parts to keep your heating system performing optimally.

In case of a loose belt, you need to adjust or replace it. While you may perform adjustments to the fan belt by yourself, never attempt to replace it on your own. Contact a service specialist for inspections of the fan belt.

Blower Motor Issue

When turning on your heating system, you may hear loud rattling and screeching noise. The noise could mean either the bearings of the blower or the blower motor itself has a problem. Your blower often needs routine specific kinds of lubrication to prevent such noises.

If you let the noise continue without professional inspections, it could lead to severe damage and expensive repairs or replacements. Contact an HVAC company for proper inspections, oiling and repairs.

Faulty Heat Exchanger

Loud, continuous rattling sounds from your furnace could mean a loose screw or panel. In case of a loose screw, you can turn off your heater at the power source and use a screwdriver to tighten the screw. However, if the noise isn’t from the loose screw, it’s likely an indication of a severe problem from a faulty heat exchanger.

The main reason for a faulty heat exchanger is the lack of enough airflow. Dirty filters, coils or blowers can restrict airflow, causing heat buildup within the heat exchanger. The heat then causes splinters and cracks to the heat exchanger, producing a loud rattling sound.

The cracks could lead to leakages of carbon monoxide, which lowers your indoor air quality. If the sound isn’t from loose screws, immediately contact a service specialist to prevent further damage and possible air poisoning.

Dirty Burners

If you hear a loud bang or boom sound when you turn on the furnace, this means its burner has dirt that needs cleaning. Dirty burners may delay ignition, causing a buildup of gas and a possible explosion. Another reason for a booms sound is an unbalanced ratio of air to fuel.

If you hear any unfamiliar sounds coming from your furnace, contact Johnny On The Spot for inspections and maintenance. Never ignore any of the above sounds, and remember to schedule annual furnace maintenance.

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