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Why Seasonal AC Maintenance Is Important

Annual HVAC system maintenance is often overlooked by home and proprietary owners. Because if your units are still working and your air conditioning unit is still blowing cool air, everything is okay, right? And if something happens or if it starts to struggle, you can just call a guy, right?

We have all procrastinated and brushed off things before. But when it comes to your air conditioning system and staying comfortable year-round in the Las Vegas area, it can be dangerous to ignore regular maintenance and check-ups. So why is seasonal air conditioning maintenance important?

HVAC & AC Maintenance

The purpose of yearly maintenance is to ensure that your HVAC systems are functioning properly and running any time that you need your air conditioning or heating units. And let’s face it, heating and cooling are a need in Las Vegas homes and businesses.

The closest comparison that many professionals will make to help you understand is comparing your HVAC systems with your car’s engine. While most people know that an engine needs regular fluid changes, check-ups, and occasional repairs…most people now have no clue how to do much more than a couple of basic steps. And without regular oil changes, tune-ups, and repairs any engine will quickly breakdown and need substantial repairs.

Your heating and cooling systems function the same way. Even though we may not think about them daily, they need regular maintenance and tune-ups to prevent breakdowns.

The Benefits of Seasonal Maintenance

  • Fewer Major Repairs: Over time, eventually everyone will experience breakdowns and the need for repairs. But scheduling and keeping up with regular maintenance will substantially lower the chances that your air conditioner experiences a serious problem that will leave you without a comfortable residence and an expensive repair bill.
  • Cheaper Energy Bills: As is often the case with many machines, often your heating and cooling systems can continue to work even as they lose efficiency. HVAC units can use quite a bit of energy. So seasonal air conditioning and HVAC maintenance keep your unit running efficiently, resulting in less stress put on your systems and energy being used.
  • Equipment Lasts Longer: Air conditioners, heating units, and all HVAC units have a life expectancy. Some equipment may last 10-12 years, while other parts may need to be replaced every 2-3 years. But dirty and neglected systems quickly lead to parts and units that malfunction. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a seasonal tune-up instead of replacing major parts and units?

Call Johnny On The Spot Today!

While most are more than capable of changing air filters and learning some basics to save energy, maintenance and tune-ups should be done by professionals. Whether your goal is to save money, improve efficiency, or prevent a mid-summer breakdown, annual maintenance is a must.

Above everything else, calling an established HVAC professional should be your first action when looking for help with your heating and cooling systems. To set up an appointment for seasonal maintenance in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, contact the experienced and friendly staff at Johnny on the Spot or give us a call today at (725) 977-9461!

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