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What to Know About Your Furnace Filters

The main function of your furnace filter is to remove dirty particles from the air stream thus keeping them out of your home. However, as your furnace filter removes these particles, it begins to have a build-up on the filter itself. Therefore, it is very important to change your filters on a monthly basis in order to maintain the stability of clean airflow in your home.

Paying Attention to Your Furnace Filters

Your furnace filters keep the air inside your home clean. In addition, they also aid your HVAC system in sustaining functionality. Most of the unwanted particles in the air are trapped already in the furnace before they even enter your house and HVAC system. This provides your home a fresher and cleaner air to breathe.

But why is it important for you to pay attention to your system’s filters? Aside from what it can do to your home and HVAC system, it also plays a great role in keeping your family healthy by providing you with cleaner air to breathe.

Changing Your Filters

You need to keep a close watch for when it is time for them to be changed or replaced. Most filters need to be changed between one to three months at length, depending on their thickness. Many of them can also be cleaned on a monthly basis to help sustain clean air without having to replace them very frequently.

Hazards of Ignoring The Filters

One deadly hazard tied to dirty furnace filters is being intoxicated with carbon monoxide (CO), which is a fatal compound. It is best known as a silent killer. Without much warning, carbon monoxide poisoning can quickly cause very serious health conditions.

Aside from the hazard that it can cause to your family, unchanged and uncleaned furnace filters can cause your HVAC system to overheat. Keep in mind that the HVAC units require a certain space to allow the air flow in the system. Thus, clogged filters will force the HVAC to work harder in order to produce either the heating or cooling effect you need, overheating the system. Once it overheats and unseen through, it may start a fire.

Benefits of Changing Your Furnace Filters

Aside from giving your home a cleaner air, changing filters can also keep your family healthy and free from dust related sickness, take asthma for example. Moreover, it will keep your energy cost down. You won’t have to add extra cost for maintenance just because of some clogged dirt polluting your entire HVAC system. It will also extend the life of your HVAC units as it won’t have to work harder due to thick dust accumulated in the filters.

Improving Air Quality

Living in a house with fresh and clean air is everyone’s goal. In order to achieve it, place a few plants inside your house. Keep your house’s humidity level between 30 to 50 percent, and most of all, do not forget to have your furnace filters clean and changed often.

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