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Five Easy Ways To Prepare Your AC For Summer

Summer is almost here, but you shouldn’t wait for it to come before you get your AC checked. You need to make sure that your air conditioner is in good working condition, ready for the stressful season ahead.

You definitely do not want to simply assume your HVAC systems are fine to have a serious problem occur the first week the temperatures reach triple digits. Below are five simple ways you can prepare your home and your air conditioner for the summer.

Have your system maintained and repaired

During springtime, and before the heat really cranks up, it would be smart to call on the professionals at Johnny on the Spot to check your system. They will thoroughly check and inspect every part of your heating and cooling systems to ensure that your system is ready for the months ahead. And if your units need parts replaced or adjusted, we will make sure this is discovered now.

The goal is to keep you comfortable and to avoid breakdowns and issues that can occur when a system is constantly in use. Scheduling your seasonal maintenance now also allows you more flexibility rather than waiting until the summer months when many people call once they are faced with problems and emergency situations.

Block out direct sunlight

The summer months can be really brutal. Obstructing the sunlight from coming directly into your home can really help out in cooling your residence. While natural sunlight can be nice, allowing direct sunlight into your home can add a lot of heat. You should also make sure that your windows are all sealed to keep the cool air inside. You can also opt for solar window films to help with sunlight control.

Make sure that the condensation lines are clog free

Moisture gets deposited in evaporator coils of central air conditioning units. Make sure that the condensation pipe is free of any blockage or any debris. Make sure that you have a plumbing snake or an industrial vacuum. For most homeowners, it makes sense to leave this to HVAC professionals if they lines are seriously clogged.

Invest in tools that will help with the cooling costs

There are a growing number of programmable digital thermostats that you can use instead of using the old mercury switch ones. These can actually help you save up to $100 on energy costs annually. The update will also make your system more efficient.

You may also want to install or use fans in the popular rooms as they can help circulate the air inside your home. Looking into the latest indoor air quality equipment is also smart, as there are many different units that can help make your home more enjoyable for your unique health and comfort preferences.

Do a quick check on the rest of your home

This is especially true if you have a central AC system. Do a quick tour of your entire house and make sure that everything is in good working condition. Spot check for any breakages and air leaks. Seal them when necessary or call for assistance if they are major. You also need to make sure that you have proper insulation around your home and seals around all of your windows and doors.

However, if you should run into any problems during your air conditioning inspection, you should call Johnny on the Spot for servicing. Do it in advance and do not wait for the summer season to arrive.

Consulting a trained HVAC technician from Johnny on the Spot will save you time and money. We will help pinpoint problems and areas of concern, then help you with quick and professional repairs if needed. To set up an appointment to schedule a visit in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, contact the trained staff at Johnny on the Spot online or give us a call today at (725) 977-9461.

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