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3 Risks of Low Humidity for Residents of Summerlin, Nevada

Nevada is the driest state in the country. Therefore, when you live in Summerlin, Nevada, you are quite familiar with the effects of low indoor humidity. It’s tough to manage humidity when it’s so dry outside. Ideal humidity levels fall in the 30 to 50 percent range. If the moisture level in your home consistently falls below 30 percent, you will experience problems with dry air. However, following a few tips can help you reduce some of the problems that come with low moisture levels.

Health Effects

Low humidity can cause health problems. You might notice that members of your household get nosebleeds frequently or wake up feeling congested and uncomfortable. Cold and flu viruses will thrive in these conditions. Frequent thirst can also be a sign of low humidity since dry air removes moisture from your body. Dehydration, though rare, is a more serious consequence of this problem.

Electrostatic Discharges

Another common sign of low humidity is an increase in electrostatic discharges. You may notice an electric shock when you touch a light switch, doorknob, or even someone else. Electrostatic discharge might not seem like a big problem, but many people find it unpleasant. It can also cause significant damage to your electronic devices.

Damage to Home and Possessions

Extremely dry air can also damage your furniture, devices, and other possessions. Furniture made of wood might contract and expand based on changes in humidity levels. If wood furniture is exposed to dry air for a long period, it can start to warp or crack. Low moisture levels could also affect drywall and flooring. Wood flooring can have the same issues as wood furniture, while drywall can crack and crumble.

Protect your home, possessions, and your family’s health. At Johnny On The Spot, we’ll make sure your home is at the right humidity level. You can count on our services and indoor air quality products. We are happy to provide the indoor air quality and HVAC solutions our community needs. Call us today at(725) 977-9461 for more information.

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