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2 Ways You Can Avoid Expensive HVAC Repairs

You’re already worried about the costs of the upcoming holidays, and then your HVAC system suddenly starts to make strange sounds. To top it off, it is no longer delivering the expected level of performance. You’re not the first homeowner in Las Vegas, Nevada, to clench your fists in frustration at the thought of spending money on HVAC repairs. You can avoid the stress and inconvenience of costly HVAC repairs by providing your system with some much-needed TLC.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

The best way to avoid expensive HVAC repairs is to catch small problems before they get out of hand. During an HVAC maintenance appointment, we will inspect your system for faulty or broken components. After a careful evaluation, your Johnny On The Spot technician will clean the unit and make any necessary repairs.

While you should leave the heavy lifting to our maintenance professionals, you can take responsibility for some tasks. Change your air filter every month, and clean around your indoor air handler and outdoor compressor. These simple DIY maintenance tasks will reduce the chances of system damage.

Go Easy on Your System

Avoid expensive repairs by doing all you can to prevent problems. Strain can overwork your system and cause a lot of damage to HVAC components. One way to reduce wear and tear is to weatherize your home—starting with your windows and doors. Air leaks in the home’s envelope make it more difficult for your system to maintain comfort and energy efficiency. You can also go easy on your system by using a programmable thermostat to regulate temperatures more efficiently.

When you need HVAC repairs, call the experts at Johnny On The Spot. Our service specialists also have the training to provide thorough and professional maintenance services. We’re happy to offer tips to help you protect your system and improve energy efficiency. Give us a call today at(725) 977-9461 to learn more or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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