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Why Isn’t My Home Heating Up?

Ice, snow, and possibly blizzards, are a few of the frustrating things to deal with during the long cold months. And a heating system not quite doing its job of keeping your house warm is just unbelievable. This is quite an annoying situation, though very common. There may be problems with the evaporator coils, wiring, pipes or ducts, filters, or the motors. Any of these problems would need a professional repair assistance. Do not attempt to fix it by yourself as it may cause further damage and may cost you more than just a few hundred dollars.

Before you slam and scream at your thermostats for being useless, there are a few typical reasons why your system is not working.

A Faulty Thermostat

There are many reasons why the thermostat may not be working properly. The freezing temperatures outside may have strained your furnace. Older thermostats may need to be leveled. Check if the breaker is working and check if the door is properly closed. Check for burnt fuses.

You could determine what part is not working by running a few checkpoints. If your system has coilers, check if you can feel any heat from the furnace when it is on. If there is barely any to no heat, your boilers may need replacement.

Clogged Ducts

Another checkpoint is your ducts or pipes. A lack of airflow from the ducts means that it is clogged with dirt or other debris.

Blower Motors

Blower motors may need replacement if it is frayed, cracked, or lost its tension.


An electronic igniter or pilot light is responsible for lighting the gas or propane central heating. If the igniter doesn’t light or the pilot light has no flame, call a professional to replace the igniter.

Dirty Filters

Filters need to be cleaned at least twice a year like a dental cleaning. Remove your screens and check if your filters require cleaning. Dust and other dirt may accumulate in your filters and sometimes be the root of your system not functioning well. Ideal time to clean or replace filters will be in spring or fall just right before the season wherein your air conditioning system works the hardest.

Lack Of Maintenance

All of the abovementioned faulty parts of your system may be traced back to poor maintenance. Over the year, household chores are often put off especially when it comes to maintenance if the furnace seems to be working fine prior to the incident. Even if your systems seem to have no problems, it is in your best interest if regular maintenance is done to avoid damages that will hinder the system working properly and will cause you to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for repair and utility bills.

It is not pleasant to suffer the cold of the bitter winter. If your heating system is not working, determine the source of the problem, but do not attempt resolving it by yourself. Call Johnny On The Spot at (725) 977-9461 so we can provide the support you need!

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