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How To Change Your Air Filter

Having a dirty air filter can cause lower the quality and performance causing it to overheat and worsen the air inside your households. If you start to notice your air filters getting dusty, it’s time to have it changed immediately. Air filters need to be taken care of on a regular basis for system maintenance, good air quality and prolonged lifespan. When tended to on a monthly basis, there’s a lower risk of your air filter experiencing damages that can lead to expensive repairs. To skip the headaches and having to spend more, air filters are quick to clean and change so you can easily do it on your own in the comfort of your home. Here are a few easy methods to follow when changing your air filter.

What’s An Air Filter

An air filter is installed in your HVAC system. The main purpose of an air filter is to capture large amounts of dust, pollen, mold, insects and bacteria circulating around your household. If you have family members suffering from dust allergies, asthma, colds or any kind of sickness, it’s necessary to have a fresh air filter since it provides cleaner air. It also helps avoid illnesses caused by dusts and air-borne diseases. Air filters usually come in different functions, prices and MERV ratings, all fit for your household needs.

Steps on How to Change the Air Filter

1. Clean It

When you spot gunk and piles of dust surround the filter, it’s time you change it. To replace your filter, you’ll have to turn off your unit for safety precautions then you can proceed to remove the air filter. Once the air filter is removed use a cloth to wipe the area surrounding the surfaces and be cautious of the dust that will fall out. You can also clean the frame with a cloth or a vacuum. Further clean it by watering it down with a hose. Prevent bacteria build up by scrubbing it with a water solution or vinegar, and once the cleaning process is done just dry it out.

2. Install It

When putting in the new filter, just follow the directions of how to place it which you can see on the frame.There are arrows that indicate which side should go first when installing the air filter so you can slide it in with ease. Lastly, put back the filter cap and you’re done changing your air filter.

Changing your air filter won’t take too much time and does not cost much.To avoid damages on your air filter, it’s advised to change your air filter on a monthly basis. If you need further assistance in changing your air filters, contact us to help you out with the job. For other expert HVAC advice or issues that require a properly trained and licensed HVAC professional, call Johnny On The Spot at (725) 977-9461.

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