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What’s a Smart Thermostat, and How Does it Work?

A smart thermostat is a device that you can control remotely with your smartphone, tablet or computer. This and other features enable you to streamline the use of your cooling system. We’ll take you through why a smart thermostat is beneficial and what it does for your Las Vegas, NV, home.

You Can Regulate Temperatures Remotely

Most smart thermostats are compatible with voice assistants in your smart speakers and smartphone. This means you can give a command to your smart thermostat without moving an arm. But the best way to control your smart thermostat remotely is via an app on your smartphone. You can do this whether you’re on the couch or on a beach thousands of miles away.

A Smart Thermostat Saves on Energy Costs

Smart thermostats help you precisely regulate your home’s temperature and have a low-power standby feature, unlike most conventional thermostats. You can create an automatic cooling schedule so that when you leave the house or you’re asleep, it adjusts on its own and reduces energy use.

Some models are capable of learning your schedule and turning the system on and off automatically without per-programmed settings. It’ll also know the season and adjust temperatures accordingly.

Smart Thermostats Are Aesthetically Appealing

Smart thermostats have come a long way in terms of their appearance. They now feature color touch screens, are more visually appealing and don’t detract from the decoration of your living space.

Most smart thermostats are relatively small compared to their conventional counterparts. This enables you to easily hide them from everybody’s eyes and still efficiently regulate temperature.

Automatic Temperature Regulation Schedules

Some smart thermostats record your temperature regulation data. Subsequently, they regulate temperature based on your historical data and room temperature preferences. What’s more exciting is that some smart thermostats can learn your commuting patterns, which means they set your home’s temperature at your preferred level just before you arrive.

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