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The Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System in Las Vegas, NV

Your HVAC system is critical for your home comfort, especially with the changing weather in Las Vegas, NV. Not only does it guarantee comfortable temperature all year. It also plays a vital purpose in maintaining good indoor air quality However, it;s not easy to decide whether to purchase a new system or repair the one you currently have. Read on to learn when you should upgrade your HVAC system and the benefits that you’ll enjoy by doing so.

Signs Your HVAC Unit Is Inefficient

  • Increased electric bills: If you notice an unexpected increase in your electric bill, it might be an indication that your unit isn’t performing efficiently.
  • Insufficient cooling: A faulty unit has low levels of refrigerant, which often prevents the system from sufficiently cooling your house.
  • Dirty filters: The inefficient unit often has a clogged filter, which cannot sufficiently filter dust and dirt particles, thus, coating the coils.

How You Can Benefit From a New HVAC System

  • Enhanced indoor air quality: The new higher efficiency HVAC system has variable speed motors and a modern filtration system that not only improves the airflow but also results in the removal of air impurities and microbial growth prevention.
  • Additional comfort: We’re sure that you want a comfortable temperature for both you and your family in your house. The variable speeds in these new and advanced systems regulate the movement of air and improve consistency.
  • Energy savings: New HVAC systems are approved to be more energy-efficient than the old ones. Therefore, investing in this energy-efficient system will save you some utility costs over time.

A new HVAC system makes your home more comfortable and pleasant. Call Johnny On The Spot today to find out how we can help you save energy. We offer and install a wide range of new HVAC systems for every home and budget.

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