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Watch Out For These 3 Signs of an Inefficient Furnace

Over time, furnaces become more inefficient. It’s a natural result of the wear and tear they experience through years of use. That’s why it’s vital to pay attention to your furnace and repair or replace it as soon as you notice problems. If you notice these signs of an inefficient furnace in your Anthem, Nevada, home, it may be time to take action:

Rising Bills

One nearly sure-fire way to tell if your furnace is losing efficiency is if your energy bills are increasing. If you’ve lived in your residence for over a year, compare this month’s bills with the bills you paid the same time last year. If they’re significantly higher this year and you haven’t changed your heating habits, your furnace may be losing efficiency. Scheduling regular annual maintenance visits is a good way to curb your furnace’s impending inefficiency. As a result, you’ll keep repair and energy costs under control.

Constantly Running

If your furnace is taking longer to heat your home’s air, it’s running inefficiently. This strain can increase the risk of a breakdown and drive up heating costs. Therefore, you should consider a replacement soon.

Blowing Cold Air

Perhaps this sign is more obvious, but many people live with it in hopes the problem will fix itself. If your furnace is blowing cold air, you’re throwing money away. Even if your system eventually heats up but blows cold air until it does, you should strongly consider calling an HVAC company to see if it’s time for a replacement or if your furnace just needs a repair.

Are you ready to have a professional look at your furnace to make your home’s HVAC system as efficient as possible? Give Johnny On The Spot a call today. Invest in a furnace maintenance visit today to avoid paying more on your energy bills in the future.

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