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Heat Pumps 101: Efficient Heating and Cooling in One System

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling functions in just one system. The outdoor compressor is similar to a central air conditioning system, and the indoor condenser and air handler also look and function in a similar way. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering having a heat pump installed at your Las Vegas, Nevada, home:

Deliver Year-Round Comfort

In the summertime, heat pumps use a chemical refrigerant to transfer heat from inside your home to the outdoors. The removal of heat also results in humidity being condensed into liquid water. The result is lower indoor temperature and humidity levels, which feels more comfortable on your skin. Although Las Vegas has mild winters, there will be a few nights when you’ll need heat. The system basically runs in reverse to transfer warmth from the outdoors into your home when you need heat.

Use Less Energy

Today’s heat pumps are highly energy-efficient. They don’t depend on burning propane or natural gas for heat, so they’re cleaner. These systems are up to 35 percent more efficient at heating compared to furnaces and electrical resistance heating systems.

Work With Smart Thermostats

You can save even more on heating and cooling in your Las Vegas home by pairing a new heat pump with a smart thermostat. These thermostats learn your schedule and use high-tech algorithms to reduce the energy used for heating and cooling. You can make temperature adjustments with the app on your phone. When you’re traveling or at work, the system makes automatic adjustments to lower energy usage.

Heat pumps offer energy efficiency and year-round comfort in one system. They cost less to install compared to separate heating and cooling systems, and their maintenance needs are simple. For more information about heat pumps and how they work, contact Johnny On The Spot today.

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