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3 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Boiler in Las Vegas, NV

Boilers tend to be rather expensive, so thinking of replacing yours can understandably be stressful. However, with good maintenance, a boiler can serve you for close to 15 years. Below are some of the signs indicating that it may be time to buy a new boiler in Las Vegas, NV.

Regular Breakdowns

If you carry out regular maintenance as required but your boiler continues to breaks down often, it may be time to address the issue for good. Every time your boiler breaks down, you need to call upon a service technician to check it, which of course costs money. Paying for repairs regularly is expensive, and the cost might outweigh that of buying a new boiler.

Increased Heating Bills

When your boiler works efficiently, your energy bills tend to be consistent. If you notice an inexplicable significant increase in heating bills, though, your boiler might be the cause. Check your boiler, and consider investing in a new, more efficient model to help you save more on your monthly heating bills.

Leakages in the Boiler

A leakage in the boiler can lead to damages to your home. When your boiler starts leaking, it might indicate that the valve or the seal has broken, which will cost quite a bit to repair. A leaking boiler is dangerous, and it might be best to begin shopping for a new boiler before things get out of hand. We can help you select and install the best boiler for your home.

A properly functioning boiler helps keep your home warm, comfortable and cozy. However, when your boiler starts becoming a liability, it’s a good idea to contact a professional who can help you address the issue. Call Johnny On The Spot today for any boiler installation and maintenance services you need in Las Vegas, NV.

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