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4 Reasons Your Furnace’s Pilot Light is Going Out in Anthem, NV

Does your furnace’s pilot light keep going out frequently? While it happens occasionally, if you have to relight it more than once, it could indicate a problem. Here are four reasons your furnace’s pilot flight keeps going out in Anthem, NV:

Drafts and Venting Issues

If your pilot light keeps going out, it could be due to a draft. For example, the flame may fail to ignite properly during stormy weather.

However, the problem could be the location of the furnace. If it’s in an enclosed area, the lack of oxygen will prevent the flame from igniting.

Additionally, improper venting may cause airflow problems. Consider consulting a furnace repair technician to avoid safety hazards.

Debris in the Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a component of a pilot light mechanism that detects when the flame is on. If there is debris on the thermocouple, it’ll act as a heat insulator. Since it can’t register sufficient heat, it’ll shut the gas valve to prevent gas from escaping.

Furthermore, the thermocouple may be unable to detect the flame and may need to be replaced. Our furnace service specialists can test the system to determine if it lines up with the pilot orifice.

Dirt in the Pilot Light Opening

The flame can give you an idea if there’s an issue with your system. You should see a clear blue color with a yellow tip.

But if the flame is weak and mostly yellow, it’s a sign of debris in the pilot light opening. It implies incomplete combustion, which can release toxic fumes. Schedule a service with a professional to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Valve or Gas Supply Problems

It’s also possible that you’re experiencing natural gas supply problems. During peak times, the supply may fluctuate, causing the pilot to keep going out. However, a faulty gas valve regulator could be responsible for an unstable pilot flame.

Sometimes your furnace needs time to heat up, especially when it’s the first time you’re switching it on. You can refer to the manufacturer’s manual to relight it. But if you suspect gas leaks or combustion issues, call Johnny On The Spot for 24/7 emergency services in Anthem.

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