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4 Reasons to Install a New Smart Thermostat in Las Vegas, NV

Your air conditioner plays an integral role in regulating indoor temperatures, especially during summertime in Las Vegas, NV, when temperatures can reach a sweltering 100 degrees. But for your AC system to function properly, it must receive the correct temperature readings from the thermostat controlling it. If your air conditioner has been acting suspiciously as of late, you may need a new smart thermostat.

Inaccurate Thermostat Reading

Your air conditioner cools your home based on the temperature reading the thermostat provides. If the reading is incorrect, your AC system ends up working too much or too little. Use a portable indoor thermometer to get the correct temperature and compare it with the reading that your thermostat sends back.

Higher Utility Costs

If your recent monthly utility bills are spiking, it could be due to your old thermostat. A faulty thermostat will result in longer running cycles for your air conditioner, which means more energy used over time. It may even cause your AC system to switch on randomly while you’re away.

Inconsistent Temperatures

A faulty thermostat will have difficulty maintaining your preset range and may unexpectedly change temperatures on its own. Test this out by lowering your settings and seeing if your AC system adjusts to meet that new temperature range.

AC System Not Shutting Off

In some cases, a faulty thermostat prevents your AC system from shutting off, and it runs for a longer cycle than needed. That said, you might also want to check other parts of the system before pinning the problem on the thermostat. Have a certified service specialist perform a maintenance check to assess your air filters, vents and condensate lines.

If you notice any of these signs but aren’t sure about the need to replace your thermostat, we’re here to help. Contact Johnny On The Spot to have us install your new smart thermostat. We also provide a full lineup of HVAC products and services.

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