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3 AC Odors and What They Mean for Your System

When using your air conditioner during the summer, you may notice it emanates nasty smells. It may be the typical dusty smell or some other more pungent odor. Here are three offensive AC odors that may linger in your Summerlin, NV, home and what they mean.

Dirty-Sock Smell

Your air conditioning system won’t produce this nasty odor normally. If your AC system releases a stinky sock smell, it simply means the coils need a thorough cleaning. The dirty sock odor results from bacterial growth and dirt particles accumulating in the AC system’s evaporator coils.

It’s not an odor you want to keep for long, so shut off your air conditioner and call a service specialist. AC repair and maintenance specialists know the easy way to clean evaporator coils and sanitize your AC condenser.

Garbage-Like Odor

In fear of the hot summer weather, small animals make your AC system their home. The sad reality is that not every animal that enters your air conditioner will leave alive. Some die in the process and are probably the reason behind the garbage-like odor coming from your air conditioning system.

Removing these animals may seem like an easy job until you try it. Avoid the trouble and contact a professional.

Burning Smell

In some instances, your air conditioning system may generate a burning odor. The burning smell occurs when something is actually burning inside the air conditioner. Leaving it to run longer could end up causing more damage.

Once you discover that burning smell, switch off your AC system and call a service specialist. They will inspect the motor, wires and every other part for problems and troubleshoot the issue before it gets worse.

For all your air conditioner repairs and maintenance services, contact us at at Johnny On The Spot. Our certified service specialists have years of experience servicing different models and brands of AC systems.

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