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Air Quality Threats That Lurk Indoors

You already know that outdoor pollution and environmental toxins can impact your family’s health in a big way. But did you know that the air quality issues lingering inside your Summerlin, Nevada, home can contribute to serious health problems, too? Read on to discover three major air quality threats that lurk indoors.

Dust Mites

If your family members are constantly sneezing indoors, it’s easy to pin the blame on dust. In most cases, however, dust mites are the real culprits. These microscopic critters thrive in dusty environments and leave behind waste that easily becomes airborne and triggers sneezes. At Johnny On The Spot, we’ve found that vacuuming carpet and cleaning surfaces can help keep dust mites under control. Changing the HVAC filter regularly can also improve air quality in every room of your home. As a result, you’ll breathe cleaner and fresher air.

Cleaning Products

Before you break out the big guns, it’s important to know that harsh cleaning products can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Rather than using commercial-grade sprays and scrubs in your home, we recommend using more natural products. You might be surprised at how well natural cleaners can work in your home. If you’re sick of poor air quality, you’ll love the clean, fresh air you can create by switching to these natural products, too.

Air Fresheners

When your home’s air seems stale, it’s easy to cover up bad odors with a quick spritz of air freshener. These sprays might smell great. But in most cases, using air freshener can make your indoor air quality worse. Many air fresheners release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can aggravate your family’s respiratory system over time. Instead, our team often suggests installing a whole-home air purifier. This device connects to your HVAC system.

Want to keep your family safe from these common air quality threats? Call the indoor air quality experts at Johnny On The Spot at (725) 977-9461.

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