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Emergency AC Repairs: What to Do When Your System Fails

Air conditioner breakdowns can be a stressful situation. Especially here in Henderson where temperatures can soar during the summer, we know how difficult this kind of experience can be. And we’d like to recommend our customers call us for air conditioning repair when something goes wrong.

But what if multiple problems come up at once? What if you’re nervous about the repairs not getting the job done and your system breaking down again? These are all valid concerns and we’d like to use this blog as a resource for customers to learn more.

First of all, professional repairs can go a long way toward stopping additional problems in the future. And, with our worry-free guarantee, we can guarantee our work so customers can feel safe and comfortable for the rest of the year.

A Breakdown Event

First of all, breakdowns can happen at any time. But a breakdown during the summer is going to be a lot worse to experience than other breakdown events.

Here’s what you can do when you experience your air conditioner breaking down.

  1. Call for help. The earlier you schedule service, the better. Our team can pencil you in and make sure that we show up promptly and take care of you in as short a time as possible. This can only be done once you call us.
  2. Stay cool. While you’re waiting, make sure you stay hydrated and comfortable. Use ceiling fans, box fans, or even take a short vacation to ensure you and your family don’t buckle under the pressure of the Nevada heat.
  3. Investigate. It’s a good idea to take a look around your air conditioner and investigate the issue. Did you hear any sounds? Is your energy bill through the roof? Is your air filter clogged? These answers can help us diagnose the problem faster.

Preventing These Problems

The best solution for problems like these is prevention. This can be done with routine maintenance at the beginning of the season, like right now!

Schedule a maintenance appointment if nothing is wrong to ensure that your air conditioner is way less likely to breakdown or have a component failure.

The “Worry-Free” Guarantee

Our worry-free guarantee isn’t just a catchy-sounding promotion–it’s a real thing that we use to help our customers on a regular basis. Let us explain.

When you hire us for repairs, we’ll inspect your system as we normally do. During this inspection and diagnosis, we’ll recommend what should be done, whether it’s a few small repairs or one large repair. If customers agree to our recommendations and pay us to get the work done, then we’ll cover their system with a worry-free guarantee, which ensures it works properly for the rest of the summer.

Basically, if something goes wrong again after you’ve followed through with everything we recommend, the next fix is on us.

This is a win-win for both of us. It lets us get the work done that needs to be done, and it saves you money while keeping you cool and eliminating the chance of a breakdown happening again.

Get prompt repairs by calling our hotline or scheduling an appointment online. When your HVAC system or plumbing isn’t looking so hot, it’s time to get Johnny On the Spot. 

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