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4 Things You Don’t Expect to Find in Your Ductwork in Henderson, NV

Homeowners living in Henderson, NV, may not know that their ducts can become magnets for strange items. If you haven’t scheduled a professional duct cleaning for a long time, your indoor air could be circulating around some disturbing things without your knowledge. The following is a brief description of some of the strangest things you may find in your ductwork.

Food Wrappers

The construction workers responsible for building your home ate lunch and drank beverages at the job site. Inspectors may not have checked the air ducts before you took over ownership of your home. Food wrappers left behind by workers will obstruct the flow of air through your HVAC system if they enter your ductwork.

Dead Animals

It’s not uncommon for insects and small animals to hide in your vents to avoid detection. The best-case scenario is that you become conscious of the critters in your ductwork and have them removed. Many times, the end of life will come for animals living in your ductwork without you ever knowing they took up residence there.


Children possess endless amounts of creativity. At times, they demonstrate this creativity by discovering strange things to do with their toys. If you have children living with you, don’t become too surprised if your next duct cleaning ends with you finding a lost toy or two.

Particle Pollutants

Operating your HVAC system for years without duct cleaning will result in accumulated dust, dirt and debris in the ductwork. This will eventually lead to a thick layer of particle pollutants, which can inhibit airflow and contribute to poor IAQ.

Your HVAC system is more likely to work as you desire when your ductwork is free from obstructions. Call Johnny On The Spot when your HVAC system needs professional duct cleaning. We’ll make sure you’re maximizing heating and cooling efficiency all year.

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