Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

It’s no wonder that central air heating and cooling systems are so popular in the communities in Greater Las Vegas. Thanks to the ductwork in forced-air systems, HVAC systems can efficiently deliver conditioned air to every room in your home.

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Ductwork and Indoor Air Quality

Your home can generate a lot of pollutants through normal, everyday activities. Contaminants like animal dander and pollen hitch a ride indoors on your shoes and clothing. The products you use for personal care and cleaning can emit chemicals, even when not in use. Furnishings like pressed-wood cabinets and synthetic carpets can release pollutants continuously for a long time.

The average forced-air HVAC system re-circulates these contaminants through your Las Vegas home or business as much as five to seven times per day. It’s only a matter of time before the ductwork becomes coated with these harmful pollutants.

Your Local Duct Cleaning Experts

Professional duct cleaning will eliminate contaminants that accumulate on the surface of ductwork. It’s important to choose a company that follows the industry’s best practices, to ensure you enjoy quality results. The last thing you want is a service provider who damages the ductwork or leaves a mess behind.

The service specialists at Johnny On The Spot take extra care to complete all duct cleaning jobs correctly:

  • Before we begin cleaning, we make sure we fully protect your carpets and household furnishings.
  • Our vacuum equipment removes harmful particulates from your home safely and efficiently.
  • The specialized brushes we use allow our professionals to dislodge particles from every corner and crevice.
  • After the cleaning process, we conduct tests to verify that the air distribution system operates properly.
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Impact on Energy Efficiency

When your central HVAC system is clean, it does a better job of maintaining ideal temperatures. A build-up of dust and debris in the ductwork impacts airflow, forcing the equipment to run for longer periods to keep you comfortable.

Duct cleaning improves the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, resulting in lower monthly energy bills. Keeping the ducts clean also helps safeguard the equipment from damaging dirt and corrosion. It can even extend the service life of the entire system.

Schedule Duct Cleaning Service Today

The ductwork in your forced-air HVAC systems is prone to the same type of contaminants that settle on household surfaces. However, where your ductwork is concerned, you can’t dust, mop or sweep the pollutants away.

For effective ductwork cleaning, call the pros at Johnny On The Spot. We provide the professional service homes and small businesses in Henderson, Las Vegas, Summerlin, Anthem, and North Las Vegas, Nevada, need to stay healthy, clean and comfortable.

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