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Can I Make My Heat Pump in Blue Diamond, NV, Last Longer?

Heat pumps are popular HVAC systems among homeowners in Blue Diamond, NV, because they offer both heating and cooling capabilities. If you own a heat pump, read on to learn how to make it last longer.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

A great way to prevent excess wear and tear on your system is to change your air filters regularly. Doing so keeps your heat pump from having to work harder than it should to heat or cool your home. That means less strain on the unit and a longer overall lifespan.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit Periodically

The outdoor unit of a heat pump has to deal with the elements and everything that comes with them. If it gets excessively dirty, overgrown with plants or choked with leaves, the pump might fail prematurely. Be sure to clean your heat pump’s outdoor unit periodically to extend its life.

Raise or Lower Your Thermostat

The greater the difference between the outdoor temperature and your thermostat setting, the harder yoursystem works. By raising or lowering your thermostat appropriately to demand less of your heat pump, you can make it last longer. A few degrees of difference won’t mean much to you, but it could add years to your heat pump’s lifespan.

Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

Last but not least, keeping up with your heat pump maintenance can make all the difference in extending its life. Like all machines, heat pumps require periodic maintenance to run their best. By having your system serviced at least once a year, you can prevent problems that lead to premature failure.

If you have a heat pump and want to keep it running well, trust Johnny On The Spot to help you right away. As our name suggests, we offer prompt and professional HVAC installation, repair and maintenance all over Blue Diamond, NV. Contact us today for all of your heat pump service needs.

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