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3 Habits That Damage Your Las Vegas, NV, Plumbing System

Plumbing that functions properly is extremely important, so no one wants to deal with leaks, pipe damage or similar problems. Unfortunately, some homeowners have bad habits that create or worsen plumbing issues. Here are three bad plumbing habits and how to avoid them in your Las Vegas, NV, home, preventing serious system damage:

Treating Your Toilet Like a Trash Can

Toilets can’t handle every kind of waste that won’t quickly dissolve in water, like toilet paper. This includes paper towels, cat litter, wipes, hygiene products and various other things. They can easily clog the plumbing and cause serious problems in the short and long term.

Garbage disposals can mash up many types of waste, so you may feel tempted to dump all kinds of materials into them. However, you should never put in items like hot grease, eggshells, potato peels and other thick or hard foods, as doing so could clog your pipes.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner

This may seem unusual since homeowners use drain cleaners to unclog and clean out pipes. However, given the corrosive nature of such chemicals, overusing them can wind up having harmful effects that could severely damage plumbing.

Not Doing Anything About Small Leaks

Small plumbing issues tend to develop into larger ones if you don’t deal with them promptly. Unfortunately, some people believe they can ignore tiny leaks that don’t cause any immediate damage or inconvenience.

Although you might not want to get a small leak checked because you want to save some money, it’s usually not a good idea to put off plumbing repairs. Tiny leaks can cause slow damage to your plumbing and result in larger issues. Once this happens, it may be too late to do anything without a massive overhaul.

Our plumbing professionals can help you with any of your system damage. Call Johnny On The Spot today to reap the benefits of our plumbing services in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding area.

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