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Don’t Miss Out On These Features of Modern Thermostats

So many tasks in our daily lives involve the use of modern technology, and the way we heat and cool our Summerlin, Nevada, homes is no exception. Unlike designs from the past, today’s thermostats are more than simple, basic devices. Available options now offer numerous benefits that help to increase comfort and energy savings. Learn how modern thermostats can make a significant difference in the way you manage HVAC comfort from season to season.

Easy Programming

The first wave of programmable thermostats weren’t all that easy to use. In fact, many consumers opted not to use the programming features in them altogether. But what’s the point of having a smart thermostat if you can’t take advantage of its features? Current models are user-friendly and some even come with accompanying smartphone apps to help streamline the setup process.

Remote Access

Imagine you’re on vacation when, suddenly, you’re struck by a thought: did I adjust the thermostat’s setting? Maintaining preferred temperatures when no one’s home is a waste of money. With an older thermostat, you’d have no choice but to cross your fingers and hope your energy bill isn’t too high when you get home. Fortunately, modern thermostats offer remote access features, allowing you to use a smartphone or another internet-enabled device to control your home’s temperature—even if you’re far away.

Attractive Features

Easy programming and remote access are only two of the features that allow you to keep more money in your pocket. There are other capabilities that help you to save energy and improve comfort. Some newer thermostats can also gather usage data and provide reports, so you can analyze usage over time and identify areas of energy waste. Some models are so smart that they can even learn your preferences and then set the temperature automatically based on previous programming habits. It’s just another way modern thermostats are a huge upgrade over thermostats of the past.

If you’re ready to make temperature control easier, contact Johnny On The Spot today at(725) 977-9461. Our installation experts will help you to understand your options and set up your new thermostat so you can start enjoying easy air conditioning comfort right away.

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