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3 Ways To Insulate Your Home For Winter

Winter is fast approaching. Therefore ensure that your home is properly insulated for this chilly season. This is not just to keep your home warm, but also to make sure your HVAC’s performance is optimized, and its efficiency is secure throughout the season. And of course, you wouldn’t want a scary, soaring utility cost at the end of each month, would you? So, let’s gear up and start insulating!

Here are three cost-efficient and easy ways to insulate your home:

Draft-Proof Your Home

If you feel any draft entering your home, you should patch up all the places where it can possibly enter like the gap between your door and floor, the space and cracks between your windows, and your attic.

Seal Your Windows

Run your fingers across and around your window to find out whether your window has small cracks in it, or if there are any small spaces where outside air can get through. If you feel some cool air brushing your fingertips, then you just caught an open crack! Patch it with the caulk of your choice. You can choose between the latex variety and the silicone which is more flexible to weather and temperature changes than the latex.

Fill in the Gaps

The draft can also come from underneath the gap between your door and the floor. To prevent the cold wind from entering, place a draft snake beneath or if you have any foam pipe lagging, you can also use it as an alternative to draft snakes. For the spaces between the wall and your doors and windows, use an insulating tape to seal it away.

Pay Attention to Your Attic

Your attic should not be considered as just a mere storage room. As part of the insulating process, you must pay close attention to this section of your house. Warm air can easily escape from your attic and likewise, it is an easy entrance for cold, bitter winds to get through your home. You can do a simple Do-It-Yourself attic insulation or, if you are uncertain how to do it, you can always ask for a professional’s help.

There are usually two types of materials used in attic insulation: first, the loose fill which is ideal for irregular attic joist spacing and second, the batt which is best for attics without insulation but have standard joist spacing.

Use Insulated or Layered Curtains

Heat from your home can easily escape if your windows don’t have curtains at all in them or if you are using a thin curtain layer. Aside from adding beauty to our homes, curtains also aid in our home insulation. Use an insulated curtain for a longer-lasting heat suppression inside your home. If such is not available, apply several layers of curtains which you already have in hand. You can also use thick cloths like wool or fleece blanket as curtains.

Determine Your Heating Area

Not all area inside your home needs equivalent temperature. Which part of your home do you frequently stay? Once you determine the zone you usually spend time in, you can set the other temperature from the rest of your home to a lower heating degree. Remember to always keep your room’s door shut to optimize your HVAC’s heating process and maintain the warmth inside that area without exerting too much effort on your heating system.

Insulating your home helps keep your family comfortable throughout the winter season. It also helps your HVAC to work more efficiently considering that you also have your seasonal HVAC maintenance performed. In case you can’t do the insulation alone, do not hesitate to call a professional for help. For more helpful tips on how to insulate your home, call Johnny On The Spot at (725) 977-9461.

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