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Joining the Comfy Club: The Best Decision You Could Make This Summer

What if we told you that maintenance could warn you about impending problems with your air conditioner while making it run more efficiently and effectively? It’s really as simple as that. In our area, air conditioners are absolutely essential to living comfortably during the summer, and your air conditioner is no exception to that rule.

However, we often just let those systems run indefinitely until they break down or run into major issues. Instead, let’s try entertaining another option–maintenance. As a premier HVAC company in Las Vegas, we design our Comfy Club to help members get the most out of their air conditioners. At a very low yearly rate, and with a plethora of perks and benefits, you can enjoy powerful home cooling well into the future.

Longevity, Efficiency, and Reduced Repairs

First, let’s talk about maintenance itself. Before you join our Comfy Club, you’ll want to be entirely convinced that even with the perks we offer, the maintenance visit itself is worth the cost. And trust us, it is.

An air conditioner is designed to last 10-15 years in age before it needs to be retired. But what manufacturers don’t clearly tell you is that this lifespan is only realistic with routine maintenance performed every year. You’d be lucky to reach half that age length without maintenance.

Secondly, AC units are only as good as their efficiency levels. Every year you skip maintenance, an AC can lose up to 5% of its efficiency, compounding as time goes on. This means that after just four years of skipped maintenance, the system could be running 20% less efficiently than it should.

And lastly, maintenance helps to avoid emergency repairs and problems that would otherwise spring up and cause mayhem. We can warn you when a component looks like it’s about to fail and keep you up to date on your system’s condition.

The Perks of Our Comfy Club

Here are a few extra reasons to invest in our maintenance program. Remember, all of these come with what we just mentioned above.

  • Lifetime repair guarantee. Enjoy guaranteed results with every repair you get from us.
  • 20% discount on repairs. Things can still go wrong when a system is well-maintained. The good news is that we’ll take 20% off the cost so you can stay within your budget.
  • 20% off air quality products. Upgrade your home’s comfort with a powerful new air quality system like a UV air purifier or an air filter.
  • Priority scheduling. Hop to the front of the line with priority scheduling!
  • Friends and family program. Give a maintenance visit to one of your friends or family members by signing up for our Comfy Club. This is a great way to spread the love and show your neighbors why maintenance is so valuable–at no extra cost!
  • Replacement credits. Eventually, your air conditioner will need replacement. Every year you belong to our Comfy Club you get access to replacement credits that can help you save on an eventual replacement.
  • More! Check out our Comfy Club page for more perks, or call our team to get started!

When your HVAC system or plumbing isn’t looking so hot, it’s time to get Johnny On the Spot. Schedule AC maintenance today!

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