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How an AC Repair Can Sneak Up on You

Air conditioning is vital to staying comfortable throughout the Vegas area. It’s just how things work around here, and most of us are used to this by now. AC units have become more efficient and affordable in recent years, with even second-hand window AC units being easy to find. The investment in a central air conditioner is a good one, but it can sometimes feel like a mistake when you’re suddenly faced with a bunch of AC repairs in the same year.

What gives? Costly surprises are never fun and they can be downright debilitating. Nobody deserves to have their day completely ruined by a huge expense having to do with fixing their AC. We totally agree!

AC repairs can sneak up on you, but that doesn’t mean they should, or that it should be normal. We’d argue that there are a few things you can do right now to ensure that AC repairs in Las Vegas aren’t a common occurrence for you and your family.

The Age of the System Really Matters

Frequent repairs can sometimes be a sign that an air conditioner is too old. But AC systems never start out as “too old,” and they become this way over time. A surprise repair is a problem but multiple repairs can really sneak up on you and cause a big halt to your life. This can be foreseen ahead of time if you know that your system is getting old.

Here’s a tip: if your air conditioner is 10-15 years old, then you can expect repairs to come up more frequently. Beyond this age range all bets are off in terms of components falling apart and breaking. Be sure to factor in the age of your air conditioner when preparing for surprise repairs.

Maintenance Will Keep Things Running Longer

Want to avoid surprise repairs? The thing that has the largest impact on your AC needing repairs, aside from the age of the system, is the maintenance. Yearly maintenance is the best way to keep components in good shape and to stop them from breaking down so quickly.

Maintenance is a great idea if you don’t currently have a surprise repair and you’d like to keep your system from running into one in the first place. Remember that you can do a bit of maintenance on your own as well, like changing the air filter regularly to ensure proper airflow through the system.

Vacations and Big Life Events Can Lead to Neglect

Vacations and life events can be incredible, but they sometimes make us lose sight of the things that allow us to live our lives comfortably. All we ask is that if you are taking a vacation in the future, or when life events come up, you pay attention to your air conditioner so that it doesn’t get neglected.

Even just a quickly scheduled repair when you’re busy can fix your broken system right up so that it’s in good shape for the future. Otherwise, the problem could get worse.

A Trusted Team Makes All the Difference

These decisions are always easier when you have a trusted team of HVAC technicians on your side to handle anything you might need.

When your HVAC system or plumbing isn’t looking so hot, it’s time to get Johnny On the Spot. Schedule your AC repair or maintenance with us.

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