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What’s That Noise Coming From My AC System Mean?

Advanced technology lets air conditioners operate quietly. Therefore, any weird sound coming from your AC system is an obvious sign of a problem. Here are five AC noises that you might experience in Blue Diamond, NV, and what they mean:


Multiple pops could mean that you have a faulty compressor or liquid refrigerant (instead of warm vapor) is entering its intake system. The best thing to do is to shut down the air conditioner immediately to protect it from extensive damage. Hire a service specialist to inspect the air conditioner and repair or replace the faulty part.


While the air conditioner makes a continuous noise during its operation, it shouldn’t produce a constant vibration. The vibrating noise may signify a thermal overload, a faulty start capacitor or a thermostatic expansion valve issue. It’s advisable to hire a certified air conditioning repair expert for prompt repairs or replacements. As a result, you’ll prevent the vibrating from causing other issues in the AC system.


A loose component, such as a blower mount, will likely produce a rumbling noise in your AC system. A loose motor mount or loose part in the blower fan assembly or ductwork can also cause your air conditioner to rumble. Routine AC maintenance assists in detecting and fixing the loose components that force the unit to rumble, preventing costly repairs.


Turn off your air conditioner immediately and call for help after hearing a screeching or screaming noise. Common causes of a screeching AC system include high internal pressure and refrigerant leaks that can cause extensive damage. Never attempt to handle refrigerant yourself; it can pose a health hazard.


When first starting or stopping the air conditioner, a clicking sound isn’t a cause for concern. The problem arises when the noise comes from a running air conditioner. An issue with the electric system or the thermostat can cause a clicking sound, which can cause more significant problems if you ignore it.

If any of these noises sound familiar, prompt repairs can save your air conditioner from a premature breakdown. Call Johnny On The Spot to talk to our friendly HVAC service specialists and book an appointment for maintenance or repairs.

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