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5 Signs That You Need a New Thermostat

When your air conditioning system breaks down, it can seem like a nightmare. Often, the problem can simply be a bad thermostat. Read on to learn five signs that you need a new thermostat in your Summerlin, Nevada, home.

Unexpected On/Off

If your AC system is turning on and off at strange times, you might have a bad thermostat. The thermostat’s primary job is to let the air conditioner know when it’s time to kick on to cool the home. If the wiring goes bad, it can fail to function correctly.

Thermostat Reads the Wrong Temperature

If you have a thermometer in the room next to your thermostat and they’re reading different temperatures, that’s one of the biggest signs you need a new thermostat. First, be sure that your thermometer is reliable. If it isn’t, call a service technician for help.

Sudden Increase in Utility Costs

If your energy costs are suddenly higher than your monthly norm, it could be because of a bad thermostat. When the thermostat isn’t reading temperatures properly, it’ll cause the system to work harder and more often than it should. As a result, it’ll drive your energy costs up.

Your Thermostat is Old

Another of the surest signs you need a new thermostat is that yours is simply old and outdated. Like any piece of technology, thermostats wear out over time. If your current thermostat is 10 years old, it’s likely time to have it replaced. Consider replacing it with a smart thermostat.

It’s Manual

If your thermostat is manual, it’s time to change it to a programmable model. This will save you money and keep things more efficient by allowing you to program your temperature settings for when you’re away or asleep. As a result, you’ll gain more control over your cooling and heating.

If you experience these symptoms or any other signs you need a new thermostat, turn to Johnny On The Spot. Call (725) 977-9461 to schedule an appointment today.

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