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Don’t Miss the Benefits of Spring Heat Pump Tuneups in Las Vegas, NV

Spring, when one can still bear the heat in Las Vegas, NV, provides the perfect time for a heat pump tuneup. Know that experts recommend such a tuneup once a year; many manufacturers require it, too, or else their warranties become void. Don’t miss the following benefits to scheduling heat pump tuneups regularly:

Lower Energy Bills

Maintenance takes care of a host of small problems that keep a heat pump from running efficiently, such as dirty coils, out-of-balance parts and loose wiring. It can also ensure that your thermostat reads the indoor temperatures correctly. As a result, it turns the system on and off at the appropriate times.

You may see a significant decrease in your energy bill as the heat pump will waste little time and energy in doing its job. Note that one sign of a failing heat pump will be significant increases in the energy bill.

Fewer Major Repairs

You’ll save money on AC repairs because maintenance nips a number of smaller problems in the bud. Let’s take one example to illustrate. Without maintenance, a dirty coil or heat exchanger may cause the heat pump to overheat, putting wear on it and requiring you to buy a new motor before long, which is an expensive repair.

Longer Life for the System

With fewer issues to strain and wear down the heat pump, you can put off a system replacement for years to come, depending on its current age. Heat pumps should ideally last up to 20 years.

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Johnny On The Spot can take on AC maintenance for your home in Las Vegas, so call today for an appointment. Our service specialists are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with everything they do. We look forward to helping you stay cool this spring and summer.

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