Heating System Installation and Repair Specialist

While people who live in colder areas often imagine that no heating is needed in the Las Vegas area, their image of southern Nevada is clearly distorted. As a resident of this desert region, you already know that perception is decidedly false. Winter temperatures can get quite low, especially at night and especially if you are already acclimated to the hot summer weather here.

Heating is an essential need in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding area. At Johnny on the Spot Heating and Air Conditioning, we are dedicated to keeping you comfortable in any weather.

Residential Heating

Keeping your home warm and comfortable is as important to us as it is to you. Often, homeowners know little about the type and age of the heating units in their homes. When you buy a house, you also typically buy the HVAC equipment that was already installed there before you took possession. Because of this, you may have an inefficient or unreliable furnace without ever knowing why. Sometimes without even being aware there is a problem.

When you call us for residential heating service, installation or repair, our technicians carefully inspect the heating unit and determine why it is not heating properly. Then, we explain the best options for solving the problem and offer a no cost estimate to help you make the most beneficial decision for your home and your budget.

Commercial Heating

Your employees, your customers and you yourself depend on reliable, high-quality commercial heating to help keep your business running well and everyone involved as comfortable as possible. You may even have products or equipment that cannot withstand cold temperatures. You need the latest, most efficient heating available to keep your overhead costs down as you grow your business. Our technicians are knowledgeable in the subject of new heating equipment available on the market today and can explain each choice to help you make a wise business decision.


Since it is hot for so many months of the year in the Las Vegas area, many residents feel they are being unreasonable to expect their furnaces to be the best. And, despite the fact that they often need a completely new heating system, they often put it off until the last possible moment. However, at Johnny on the Spot, we understand that heating is a very real need.

Our heating system installers are available to install new heating equipment for you, including complete units as well as individual components such as a programmable thermostat. Once you decide, with our assistance, what the best heating equipment is for your situation, our technicians order the new unit for you and set up an installation appointment that suits your schedule. We arrive on time and get your heating unit up and running as quickly as possible while ensuring that your new unit is properly installed.


If your electric or gas furnace can be repaired to make it adequately effective and efficient, our technicians can keep it going for you as long as you need. We answer repair calls quickly and come to your home on your schedule. When we arrive, we set to work to get your furnace back in good working order as soon as possible.


A solid maintenance program helps ensure your furnace stays in top condition within and even beyond its expected lifetime. Inspections and cleanings are always essential every year. Once our technicians look over your entire system, we make any adjustments as needed and recommend any additional services that would benefit you and your family or employees.

For more information or to make an appointment for heating system service, contact Johnny on the Spot or give us a call today at (702) 564-6697 for the best experience in Nevada for the heating industry.



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