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In locations like the Las Vegas/Henderson area, where the weather is warm year round and incredibly hot at certain times, air conditioning can save lives both in private homes and in businesses. Beyond that, it creates a pleasant environment for people in their home, at their workplace or when visiting their favorite local shopping venue.

Air Conditioning For Homes

Homes are more pleasant when they are cool enough to foster relaxation. Air conditioning offers the only effective way to manage the temperature in southern Nevada homes for much of the year. By choosing a new, high-efficiency air conditioner and having it professionally installed, homeowners can stay safe and comfortable in their homes no matter how high the temperature might reach.

Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Would you rather spend your time and money with a business that provides a comfortable experience, or would you rather spend time in an office that has faulty air conditioning and a humid environment?

Air conditioning benefits business in many ways. From happier employees to a welcoming environment, efficient air conditioning should be a concern for every business owner. The team at Johnny on the Spot should be your first call for your commercial HVAC needs in Las Vegas and Henderson. From repairing your system quickly to upgrading your system around your schedule, let us show you how it feels when an HVAC company puts your needs first.


After assessing your cooling needs and determining the best way to meet them, our technicians provide a free, no obligation quote. They offer several options if you need a new air conditioner, explain the advantages of each choice, and respectfully leave the final decision to you. Their expertise shines through as they answer each question you have and present the best cooling solutions for your home or business.


A professional installation is the only way to ensure that a new air conditioning system will work as it should and last for its expected lifetime. We install according to your schedule and work to make the process as simple as possible for you. As air conditioning experts, we understand fully how to calculate the ideal size for your new air conditioner to meet your specific cooling needs. Since the wrongly sized air conditioner can be extremely inefficient – whether it is too large or too small – we pay special attention to this important detail.

Once you have selected your air conditioning equipment and it has arrived, we schedule a time to do the work that is best for you and your family or your employees. By the time the installation is complete, you will have a new cooling system that works efficiently and effectively. The difference may blow you away.

Whenever our technicians enter your home, they remain mindful of your needs as a homeowner or business owner. They treat your home or business with care, respecting your boundaries and cleaning up the job site after the work is completed.


Not all air conditioner problems require new equipment, even if another company may tell you so. At Johnny on the Spot, we are experts regarding AC repair, offering the best service in Las Vegas to save you time and money whenever possible. Whether your air conditioner is making strange noises, failing to cool every area it should, or doesn’t come on at all, our technicians possess the knowledge to resolve the issue through reliable repairs in a hurry. Because no one should be left without air conditioning when they need it most.

Service & Maintenance

The best way to avoid the need for air conditioning repairs is to make sure the unit is maintained properly. It should be cleaned and inspected yearly. When you set up routine maintenance with our HVAC team, we do the work to prepare your system for the next season and offer any services or equipment options needed at that time to keep your air conditioning running in top condition. If you have been putting that service call off to save a few dollars, call today and let us make sure that your system will be as reliable as you hope it is.

Contact us at Johnny on the Spot to learn about any of these servicing, installation, and equipment options. We are dedicated to creating that cool, comfortable environment you want most!

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